The mission of the Crowdfunding Professional Association is to foster the growth of the regulated investment crowdfunding (#RIC) economy by supporting issuers and investors (and potential issuers and investors) working with portal operators and other crowdfunding professionals. On behalf of these constituents, the CfPA will advocate with regulators and legislators.

Investment crowdfunding is defined by the CfPA as any offering of an investment opportunity that is open to the public and includes potential investors of all levels of wealth and income (e.g. Regulation Crowdfunding, Regulation A, Intrastate Crowdfunding, and similar regulated investment crowdfunding outside of the U.S.).

Focusing primarily on issuers and investors, the CfPA will execute its mission by:

  • Educating and engaging our constituents
    • Operating and growing the CfPA ECO
    • Hosting monthly webinars
    • Co-Hosting SuperCrowd23
    • Hosting Annual Conferences beginning in 2024
    • Deliver a certification program in 2024
    • Share crowdfunding data
  • Advocating with regulators and legislators on behalf of:
    • Primarily
      • Issuers
      • Investors
    • Secondarily
      • Portals
      • Other professional and institutional participants in the crowdfunding economy
  • Grow
    • Membership in CfPA via marketing
    • Investor community (including in the long run institutional investors/LPs and other supporters such as foundations who will provide seed funding, guarantees, and matching pools)
    • Issuer count
    • Partnerships with industry players
    • Leadership and board strength–leadership pipeline
  • Manage CfPA Effectively
    • Develop annual budget for board approval
    • Maintain compliance with Delaware corporate registration, IRS tax exemption and other regulators
    • Strengthen staffing over time to relieve board members of administrative responsibilities to avoid director burnout
    • Avoid mission creep and dilution