Crowdfunding Professional Association 2023 Webinars

The bull run of crypto has ended with plunging asset values and many retail investors tracking high profile bankruptcy proceedings to see if they will be eligible to recover anything from the ruins. At the same time, asset values for companies which raised funds through regulated investment crowdfunding (#RIC) are on the rise. Does cryptocurrency still have a future as a disruptive technology or as an investment vehicle? What impact will regulation have on the sector? What about Regulated Investment Crowdfunding? Does it offer investors a safer environment to invest in innovative technologies or companies?

In 2021, there were 1,035 initial public offerings (IPOs) in the United States. In 2022, however, the number of IPOs dropped to 181. Meanwhile, Reg A+ Investment Crowdfunding has become a growing option for companies to raise up to $75 million from the public. Join the CfPA and industry experts to learn about how companies are utilizing Regulated Investment Crowdfunding (RIC) to meet their capital needs and the future of a secondary market for crowdfunding investments.

Legal compliance in investment crowdfunding is a source of headaches for many entrepreneurs. Join CfPA’s community for a webinar addressing the legal challenges businesses face while crowdfunding. The panel of crowdfunding-specializing securities attorneys will provide insights on how to stay compliant with disclosure requirements, will add color to negotiating investment terms with funding portals, and do accounting preparation. Learn about the best practices in communication with potential investors through private messages, social media, and PR efforts. Our panelists will cover the common mistakes businesses make while preparing and executing their campaigns and supporting investors through exits and liquidations.