The CfPA Mission

Our mission is to create a strong and viable trade association for this new and emerging industry that supports the development of its members and encourages participation and awareness in crowdfund investing across the globe. The CfPA will help members get connected and stay networked in the Crowdfunding industry through CfPA communications, events and growing benefits. CfPA promotes industry best practices through educational events for all constituents in the crowdfunding ecosystem.

Our Approach

In pursuit of our mission, we will adhere to some key principles:

  • Identify opportunities where the application of ideas, people and capital formation will benefit the organization and society in significant and measurable ways
  • Develop innovative programs leading to practical, sustainable solutions that are widely accepted and implemented globally
  • Partner with others to leverage our resources and capabilities while avoiding the creation of dependency

About The CfPA

The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit trade group that was established shortly after the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act (“JOBS Act”) on April 5, 2012. The CfPA is dedicated to equitably representing the Crowdfunding industry and supporting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) during the rule making period while providing the industry with education, professional networking opportunities and the tools necessary to cultivate a balanced and healthy ecosystem that will accelerate capital formation and ensure investor protection.

CfPA committees are pillars of the organization. Each year our committees plan and sponsor educational and social events, produce newsletters, and attract new members to the organization. Committee participation is available only to CfPA members, and is seen as the clear path to leadership roles, including election to the board of directors and executive committee; committees typically meet twice monthly.

Get involved and develop your skills and network by volunteering for CfPA committees. The following committees are looking for your commitment and engagement: Education & Training; Conferences & Outreach; Member Engagement. After registering as a Member of the CfPA, email and let us know which committee you are interested in joining, and we’ll be in touch.

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Who’s Driving The CfPA?

CfPA Board of Directors

Members of the CfPA Board of Directors are elected on a one-year basis and can be renewed for up to one additional year. To be nominated, board members must be general members in good standing, have demonstrated leadership, and have taken initiative within the industry and the association. The board works with Committee leaders to set the vision and direction of the org, to coordinate events, engage sponsors and represent the interests of the association. Board members meet bi-weekly via teleconference and hold regular off-site meetings.


The CfPA Board of Directors recently redesigned the committee structure to be more reflective of changes in our nascent industry. Currently active Committees are: Education & Training; Conferences & Outreach; Member Engagement; and the Real Estate Division. If you are interested in serving alongside our volunteer directors on any of these committees, feel encouraged to email

Meet The Board Of Directors

Scott E. McIntyre

Scott E. McIntyre

President/Chair, Board of Directors

Scott has been in leadership at the CfPA since shortly after the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act.

>> Meet Scott
Jordan Fishfeld

Jordan Fishfeld

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Jordan Fishfeld is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CFX Markets.

>> Meet Jordan
Brian Korn

Brian Korn

Secretary, Legal Affairs, Board of Directors

Brian is a Capital Markets Partner at the Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP in New York City.

>> Meet Brian
Joseph Bartlett

Joseph Bartlett

Special Counsel, Board of Directors

Joseph is special counsel in the Corporate, Securities and Business Transactions and the Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies practice groups.

>> Meet Joseph
Alon Hillel-Tuch

Alon Hillel-Tuch

Co-Founder, RocketHub

Alon is a founder, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Technical Officer of RocketHub, one of the worlds largest crowdfunding platforms.

>> Meet Alon
Jason Paltrowitz

Jason Paltrowitz

Executive Vice President, OTC Markets Group

Jason is Executive Vice President and Global Head of Business Development at OTC Markets Group

>> Meet Jason
Patrick Tracey

Patrick Tracey

Sr. Vice President, Computershare Private Markets Group

Pat is Senior VP of Business Development for Computershare’s Private Markets group.

>> Meet Pat
Thell Woods

Thell Woods

Founder, Crowdfunding Services

Thell Woods, founder of Crowdfunding Services, LLC, has served on our Board since elected Treasurer in 2013.

>> Meet Thell
Xiaochen Zhang

Xiaochen Zhang

Co-Founder, Crowdfunding China Society

Mr. Zhang is co-founder of the CrowdFunding China Society (CFCS). He is also a recognized speaker in climate finance.

>> Meet Xiaochen

Join Our Organization!

In 2012 we were fortunate to have been founded by rare visionaries and early adopters. Since that day we have gained valuable insight and credibility by associating with those who understand how strategic and important Crowdfunding and the mission of the CfPA is to capital formation and the broader economy.

General Membership (Individuals) in the CfPA is available to all, and we honor members who have the time to volunteer, especially those who offer to serve on committees and contribute to special projects of the CfPA.

Become a CfPA Member and see how we can help you, your company, organization and vision.