It is our position that non-profit trade groups and associations should not be known for aggressive marketing, but often their important work leaves little time for traditional revenue generating activities.

The CfPA, now in its 10th year as an all-volunteer organization, has been celebrated for helping expand economic equity and inclusivity by designing, employing and lobbying for advancements in Alternative Finance. Being able to carry out these and many other meaningful activities relies on the grassroots support of a diverse constituency of creative and hard working entrepreneurs and small businesses, and equally by investors seeking to help establish and grow the job creators of tomorrow.

Service organizations on both sides of a Crowdfunding campaign are often the strongest supporters of our many live, streamed and recorded events, and we are thankful for the generous organizations who recognize that Crowdfunding is a growing movement and increasingly vital path to successfully financing personal, community and commercial endeavors.

If you have interest in sponsoring the CfPA, or any of our events, please just drop a line to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to run through our programs with you at your convenience.